Top 5 Cabin Getaway Plans Blog

Planning your next retreat in the mountains or weekend getaway to the lake! We're exploring some of our favorite cabin plans for your next getaway home!

2021 Color Trends Blog

​One of the most stressful parts of planning the interior of your home can be the paint colors. Should you do one paint color throughout the entire house? Should you add a splash of color here and there? We're here to help in the decision process, no only on your house plan, but your home planning all the way down to the interior colors. Let's dive into the color trends we've seen develop and become popular this year.​

Safe Rooms & Surviving The Storm Blog

Have you ever heard these words and not known what to do: Tornado, Severe Weather, Storm Threats, High Winds, Shelter in Place? When up against a storm, it's an anxious time that can cripple even the strongest of people. Especially in the midwest and south, we see an abundance of storm damage during the spring and summer months. Open plains and high winds can sometimes leave even the best built homes in a pile of rubble. We all know that bathroom tubs and interior rooms with no windows are great places to take shelter during a severe storm, but there is one way that you can safeguard your family even more. We're diving into different safe room ideas that can not only keep your family safer, but also add value to your home in the process!

Making the Most of your Bonus Room

One of the most coveted parts of any house is the space it provides. We could always use additional space in our homes, so naturally, we look for bonus space in all house plans these days. But what to do with that space is the ultimate question. We're diving into some of the best ideas we've found for bonus rooms and additional space in home design.

Build a Home, Buy a Home: Remodel Nightmares, The Kitchen

Mal Blog

If you choose to buy a home, the original build is always tailored to someone else's ideal. Shorter ceilings, strange room alignment, awkwardly placed electrical and plumbing. I find it very hard to believe that anyone can simply BUY the perfect home off the street. Congratulations if you're one of the rare lucky ones! The rest of us make do. Let our remodel and renovation story be a cautionary tale for any unsure what lies ahead if you buy instead of build!