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We’re one of the Nation’s best-selling stock house plan firms. We have relationships and customers throughout the world and best yet, we have the best designers on board. What does this mean for you? It means you can customize the floorplan to your satisfaction. You can work directly with the designer to get the exact house plan you desire. We’ll work diligently to provide you with the best customer service spending quality time with you to ensure you are comfortable during this crucial new home planning phase. We have home plans specialists standing by. We look forward to working with you!

Modification FAQ

Consumers rule today's building industry. In the past, the client would visit the builder first to discuss design along with the building process. Today, the client chooses the plan before visiting the builder. Modifications and custom plans are also much more common with today's consumer. This step in the design process is great for clients who want their home to be truly theirs! With this step comes lots of questions, though. So, we want to pass along the most commonly asked questions to you!

What is a modification?
A modification is when you find a plan that you like and you want to make changes to it to make it perfect for you.

Can’t you just go in and type a few things and the changes are done?
We sure wish it was that easy! It actually takes our designers several hours of intense design to make changes to a plan. For larger plans, this can be even more extensive. Our designers work very hard ensuring that each design is just right. Even with CAD programs we often must take something completely apart and rebuild it from scratch.

Do you just make the changes and I am stuck with it?
No way! We work on an approval process. Further explanation is below.

Will I get to speak to my designer?
Yes, but please understand that each designer rotates up to 40 clients at a time. So, calls must be scheduled. However, you are free to email at any time!

Do you offer rush services?
Yes. However, a rush fee will apply. This fee is calculated based on the time allotted for the design. Speedy approval must also apply or the rush is no longer valid. Limited slots are available at all times so please ask for availability.

Can I have a custom designed home?
Absolutely! We would love to work with you to put together all the pieces of your perfect plan. Please note that this is a lengthy process because we want you to walk away elated with your custom plans in hand.

How long will it take to receive my plans?
That’s a tricky question for us! There are so many variables at play: the season, number of existing clients, and complexity of the modification. Your modification will be given a custom time frame that is specific to your changes. Please note that this is an estimate
based on the approval process.

What if I decide to add something to the project?
Minor revisions are already accounted for in your modification fee and timeline. However, major revisions require additional time and an additional fee. Also, if approval is given at a one stage and the designer proceeds to the next, then additional time will be billed if the designer receives instructions to return to the previous step. You will be quoted before being billed, though.

How do you charge for a modification?
We charge a flat fee for the entire project. This is based on the complexity of the project not by an hourly rate. The flat fee will be broken down to reflect the format of your plans and the modifications. If additional design time is needed during the course of the project (due to additional changes made to the project after it has been started), this is billed on an hourly rate.

Have a question not listed here? Give us a call: (870) 931-5777.
Our home plan specialists would love to help!

Below are the steps we follow in the modification process:

  • Client chooses plan and submits list of changes.
  • NDG Rep provides a quote for those changes.
  • After processing the order, the client will receive the stock plan files for reference.
  • NDG Rep provides a sketch of client’s changes to the design team.
  • Designer updates the floor plan. (This is the 1st draft.)
  • Client receives the 1st draft for review (Minor adjustments can be made at this time if needed). Approval is needed to proceed.
  • Designer updates the elevations. (This is the 2nd draft.)
  • Step 6 repeats.
  • Designer finishes each page of the plan. This includes your roof, electrical, and foundation pages. (This is the final draft and typically the most time consuming because this is when the designer will details every single page of your plans.)
  • Step 6 repeats.
  • Our chief designer and owner, Michael E. Nelson, will do a final review of your plans after you give approval. Then, your designer will prepare your files and have them sent to you within 24 hours.
  • Congratulations! It’s time to build your new home!