House Plan 5139 Auburn Dale Place, Craftsman Bungalow House Plan

House Plan MEN 5139 Main Floor
House Plan MEN 5139 Upper Floor/Bonus Room
House Plan-MEN5139-Front Exterior 2>
House Plan-MEN5139-Bathroom>
House Plan-MEN5139-Bathroom 2>
House Plan-MEN5139-Bathroom 3>
House Plan-MEN5139-Bathroom 4>
House Plan-MEN5139-Bedroom>
House Plan-MEN5139-Bedroom 2>
House Plan-MEN5139-Backyard>
House Plan-MEN5139-Bonus Room>
House Plan-MEN5139-Bonus Room 2>
House Plan-MEN5139-Breakfast Room>
House Plan-MEN5139-Computer Area>
House Plan-MEN5139-Dining Room>
House Plan-MEN5139-Dining Room 2>
House Plan-MEN5139-Foyer>
House Plan-MEN5139-Front Entry>
House Plan-MEN5139-Foyer 2>
House Plan-MEN5139-Front Exterior>
House Plan-MEN5139-Garage>
House Plan-MEN5139-Great Room>
House Plan-MEN5139-Great Room 2>
House Plan-MEN5139-Great Room 3>
House Plan-MEN5139-Hall>
House Plan-MEN5139-Kid's Nook>
House Plan-MEN5139-Kitchen>
House Plan-MEN5139-Kitchen 2>
House Plan-MEN5139-Kitchen 3>
House Plan-MEN5139-Kitchen 4>
House Plan-MEN5139-Kitchen 5>
House Plan-MEN5139-Laundry>
House Plan-MEN5139-Master Bathroom>
House Plan-MEN5139-Master bathroom 2>
House Plan-MEN5139-Master Bathroom 3>
House Plan-MEN5139-Master Closet>
House Plan-MEN5139-Office>
House Plan-MEN5139-Rear Exterior>
House Plan-MEN5139-Rear Exterior>
House Plan-MEN5139-Side Exterior>
House Plan-MEN5139-Side Exterior>
House Plan-MEN5139-Tile>
House Plan MEN 5139 Main Floor
House Plan MEN 5139 Upper Floor/Bonus Room
House Plan-MEN5139-Front Exterior 2
House Plan-MEN5139-Bathroom
House Plan-MEN5139-Bathroom 2
House Plan-MEN5139-Bathroom 3
House Plan-MEN5139-Bathroom 4
House Plan-MEN5139-Bedroom
House Plan-MEN5139-Bedroom 2
House Plan-MEN5139-Backyard
House Plan-MEN5139-Bonus Room
House Plan-MEN5139-Bonus Room 2
House Plan-MEN5139-Breakfast Room
House Plan-MEN5139-Computer Area
House Plan-MEN5139-Dining Room
House Plan-MEN5139-Dining Room 2
House Plan-MEN5139-Foyer
House Plan-MEN5139-Front Entry
House Plan-MEN5139-Foyer 2
House Plan-MEN5139-Front Exterior
House Plan-MEN5139-Garage
House Plan-MEN5139-Great Room
House Plan-MEN5139-Great Room 2
House Plan-MEN5139-Great Room 3
House Plan-MEN5139-Hall
House Plan-MEN5139-Kid's Nook
House Plan-MEN5139-Kitchen
House Plan-MEN5139-Kitchen 2
House Plan-MEN5139-Kitchen 3
House Plan-MEN5139-Kitchen 4
House Plan-MEN5139-Kitchen 5
House Plan-MEN5139-Laundry
House Plan-MEN5139-Master Bathroom
House Plan-MEN5139-Master bathroom 2
House Plan-MEN5139-Master Bathroom 3
House Plan-MEN5139-Master Closet
House Plan-MEN5139-Office
House Plan-MEN5139-Rear Exterior
House Plan-MEN5139-Rear Exterior
House Plan-MEN5139-Side Exterior
House Plan-MEN5139-Side Exterior
House Plan-MEN5139-Tile

Floor plans

MEN 5139

House Plan 5139 Auburn Dale Place, Craftsman Bungalow House Plan

PDF: $1,650.00

Plan Details

  • Plan Number: MEN 5139
  • Total Living Space:2381Sq.Ft.
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Full Baths: 2
  • Half Baths: N/A
  • Garage: 3 Bay Yes
  • Garage Type: Court Yard
  • Carport: N/A
  • Carport Type: N/A
  • Stories: 1
  • Width Ft.: 65
  • Width In.: N/A
  • Depth Ft.: 80
  • Depth In.: N/A


This unique European House Plan is sure to be a favorite with its mixed siding, charming shuttered windows and rounded dormers. Step into the foyer where you'll be led to the Dining Room or the Great Room. The open floor plan of the Great Room, Kitchen, and Breakfast Room is the perfect place for the family to spend quality time together. On the left side of the home are Bedrooms 2 and 3 as well as a hall bath. You'll also find a attached 1 car garage off Bedroom 2/Office. Tucked away on the opposite side of the home is the Master Suite complete with a beautiful boxed ceiling and a large Master Bath with free standing tub. The hall leading to the main two car garage contains a desk space and a kids nook for convenience as you come into the home. Right inside from the garage you'll also find the large Laundry Room. A Bonus Room above the Garage will allow for a separate living space to be added to the home if needed.


  • Total Living Space:2381Sq.Ft.
  • Main Floor: 2381 Sq.Ft
  • Upper Floor (Sq.Ft.): N/A
  • Lower Floor (Sq.Ft.): N/A
  • Bonus Room (Sq.Ft.): 340 Sq.Ft.
  • Porch (Sq.Ft.): 344 Sq.Ft.
  • Garage (Sq.Ft.): 698 Sq.Ft.
  • Total Square Feet: 3763 Sq.Ft.
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Wall Construction: 2x4
  • Vaulted Ceiling Height: Yes
  • Main Ceiling Height: 9
  • Upper Ceiling Height: 8
  • Lower Ceiling Height: N/A
  • Roof Type: Shingle
  • Main Roof Pitch: 12:12
  • Porch Roof Pitch: N/A
  • Roof Framing Description: Stick
  • Designed Roof Load: 45lbs
  • Ridge Height (Ft.): 30
  • Ridge Height (In.): 2
  • Insulation Exterior: R13
  • Insulation Floor Minimum: R19
  • Insulation Ceiling Minimum: R30
  • Lower Bonus Space (Sq.Ft.): N/A

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